Our company's first product (Micro's Clinic), which served the financial and administrative computerization of clinics, after a successful twenty-year historical cycle, gave the baton in 2006 to an innovative product line for the time, which until today manages to be the most innovative in the field, incorporating all modern technologies and providing services that meet all the needs of the most modern large health care facilities at a pan-European level.

The company's flagship product is the H.I.S. Hospital Leader ERP offers comprehensive financial, administrative, and medical information to hospital units covering the entire range of specifics. Diagnosis Leader is the most comprehensive solution for primary care facilities, Hemodialysis Leader is the ideal management system for chronic dialysis and artificial kidney facilities, while Therapy Leader is aimed at rehabilitation centers. All our applications may bridged to the public's insurance online platforms, where is this possible, so that all transactions with the state insurance provider are almost automatic, and are linked online with all accounting applications on the market. In addition, they are fully customizable, enabling each client, according to his needs, to choose from a multitude of subsystems such as those of the Warehouse, Syndicate, Medical Record, L.I.S (Laboratory Information System), Foreign Insurance, Printed Cards, Electronic Invoicing and many more.

Micro's Leader S.A. is constantly modernizing its products, following closely the developments in technology and the needs of the industry, in order to be always innovative. With this in mind and building on our experience from many years of successful use of the above applications, Micro's Leader S.A. has developed a new range of the above applications bearing the Plus badge (H.I.S Hospital Leader Plus ERP, Diagnosis Leader Plus, Hemodialysis Leader Plus, Therapy Leader Plus), which is addressed mainly to groups of companies and to companies with many branches, but also for extroversion to foreign markets.

For us, the enemy of the good is the best and this is our motivation to never rest and to constantly evolve.