Diagnosis Leader

Primary Care Unit Software Information System 


Diagnosis Leader is an integrated information system for the management of primary care units (diagnostic centers, polyclinics, etc.) that we have developed on a Windows platform and a relational database SQL Server and which incorporates the latest technological developments, as well as our many years of experience in the field of computerization of health care units, providing complete financial, administrative and medical information in the most productive way, covering the entire range of the specificities of the field.

It is structured in subsystems (modules) that serve the various areas of operation, thus offering the possibility of selecting those required for your needs.

Covers all requirements of the state insurance.

It adapts immediately to any relevant changes in legislation and procedures imposed by the above services to better serve users in as automatic and secure a manner as possible.

It has subsystems that support the issuing of discount health cards, cooperation with foreign insurance companies, etc.

It offers maximum productivity & efficiency, ensuring user-friendliness since it has been designed in such a way that the minimum possible daily data entry time is required in order to generate all the required information automatically.

It connects to all known window accounting applications on the market.

It has an autonomous web subsystem that serves the remote online update (via Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, etc.) of the attending physicians with the data of their patients' medical records (test results, etc.).

Provides Laboratory Information and Management System (L.I.S.) and bridging with any type of analyzer.

It strictly complies with tax regulations and computerizes the requirements of other related services.

It provides data security, giving access priorities to users, based on criteria defined by the client, fully meeting the requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR compliant).

Diagnosis Leader is currently installed and operating in a large number of Diagnostic Centers and Polyclinics, throughout Greece.