The series of applications PLUS

Upgrade the computerization of your facility with the most innovative management application in the healthcare sector


This new series is based on the already successful applications that Micro's Leader SA has been offering for years in the market, but at the same time they are completely new products

Graphical environment

New fully functional graphical interface with huge per-user customization possibilities that ensures easy retrieval of information from any mask of the application

Multi-company management

It is structured as a web application, which means that it is ideal for groups of companies or for companies that have branches, as it can be installed on a central server or simply on a cloud

Implementation with Java

The Plus series has been developed in the latest and most advanced Java programming language, which means that it has even greater technological capabilities than previous applications

Mobile management

Ability to connect to the company's new mobile applications, compatible with Android and iOS, which provide remote and immediate information about doctors' appointments, as well as the medical and nursing records of patients


Multilingual application

Implementation of state insurance procedures in the most optimal and immediate way

User Rights

User Conversations