Business Principles

Micro's Leader S.A., throughout its years of presence in the industry, has been based on certain principles, which are the foundations of success and growth that it has known since its establishment. These business principles mainly concern our staff and our customers.

Our staff

At Micro's Leader SA we believe that the business is our staff. Our first concern is the satisfaction of our people so that this satisfaction is subsequently passed on to our customers. Most of the team members have been with us for years, building a loving relationship with the company that we want them to feel like family.


Our customers

The customer has been at the heart of everything for us over the years. We place great importance on building a relationship of trust and good cooperation with each individual client. Our stable clientele is for us a moral satisfaction and a great motivation to continue with the same principles.


For us, evolution is a matter of course. In all areas, we strive to always be one step ahead and we achieve this thanks to the passion and love we have for what we do. Continuous improvement is what ensures your success.


Safety & Quality

These two words always follow us and have given us the appreciation and recognition of our customers. Proof of how important to us is the safety and quality we provide is the Unified Management System we apply to all company operations, which is certified by DQS Hellas Ltd. with ISO 27001 & ISO:9001.